Twitter + Pastors

I like following people on Twitter who share everyday thoughts and photos. I like to see what others are up to. I get new ideas for things to do. I get inspired to do things I have stopped doing. I love to follow fellow tech friends and communications peeps. I learn from them. I follow two sports guys: Skip Bayless (@realskipbayless) & Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons). They usually discuss topics opposite of the majority. I have found it odd today that I only follow a few pastors though. And I realized why that is during a conversation with my wife this evening.

Personal Preference: I’m not a fan of the non-stop quotes and one liners. These are not wrong nor bad. They are just not my cup of tea anymore, but I do love seeing pastors share what is going on in the church body. Something outside of their own sermon recap via 140 characters. I love seeing links to things that they are reading online so I can read as well. Or photos from their small group/life group/community group/home group/etc. This I enjoy. I even like a little bite and straight to the point with the updates :)

So, who are some great pastors out there who we can follow and learn from?

Writing for Yourself

I returned to reading John Saddington’s blog for the first time in some time. I sort of gave up on my RSS reader in the last year and found reading most of my content from Twitter. But a few weeks back I ran across John’s blog and forgot how much I liked it. It’s currently the only site I visit daily besides ESPN & Basecamp. The reason why I like it so much is I want to think he writes for himself. I want to think if he sits down daily to share with himself what he may have wish he had known the day before, a month earlier or even years ago. And the main reason I like his site so much is he breaks I think every rule known to the blogging world.

He writes daily. That is about as far as he gets into the steps for having a great blog. The site has no ads. The site has no comment section. He sometimes posts 3-4 times a day. He doesn’t have that opening paragraph to grab your attention that will set up the 5 point dissertation to follow. The site doesn’t have a large obtrusive button so you can sign up for the email newsletter (his does product sites that have this). Ok, you get my point.

John writes. And he writes what’s on his mind. I’m guessing he holds back some, but not much. This brings me back daily. Some days I don’t read much. Some days I skim. But I keep coming back. And I come back because the way he processes is how I process in my ways as well. That is how when he writes for himself, he is writing for many others. And that is why against many statistics and odds he has a following.

I have over the years started and stopped writing to many times to remember. I love to write, but I get nervous. I tried to write for everyone, which in causes me to write for no one. I never hit the publish button. I never ship the product. I dream daily of writing down my thoughts so that they may help someone else, but I get stuck with who. So I sat down at Starbucks this evening and had the thought… What if I wrote for myself. What if I wrote down what I wish I would have known yesterday, last month or even a year ago.