Live Lyric Video – Never Stop


Had a blast this weekend at Victory World Church with the team! We run into a few snags each week but the team of Nathan Williams, Charlie Pike, Paul Bhandari, Brittany Eggleston, Kristan Parish, Jess Purintun, Chris Winnie & Kyle Purintun update, repair, fix, rig, and end up getting these crazy ideas to work.

Today Was Bittersweet at PC3


Today was bittersweet as we attended Port City Community Church  (PC3) as locals for the last time (for the foreseeable future). And I still can’t believe this day actually arrived. I stepped into the doors of Roland Grise Middle School 14 years ago as I attended PC3 for the very first time and fell in […]

Lighting for Video vs. the Room


Before I get into the “why,” I’ll first lead off with my personal belief about how to balance lighting for video vs. lighting for the room. If you are using IMAG, then that should take priority over lighting for the room. OK, if you made it this far, then you are either a video director […]