A few weeks ago I spent seven days in Chichicastenango, Guatemala without access to internet. So 90% of the apps on my iPad & iPhone were useless, including my FIFA 14’ game, which I did not see coming. An I found myself loving that aspect of the trip. I was able to to focus on things much better. So when I got back I started to find what took up the most time for me having internet access 24/7. And below is what I found out.

Twitter is one of the greatest resources I have in regards to finding articles, videos, and connecting with others. My problem is I turn to Twitter and Instagram like it’s a drug or something throughout the day. I’m always pulling out my phone to see if I missed something important in the last five minutes. While in Guatemala I did not have that available to me and it felt incredible.

So after returning from Guatemala I decided to do three things:

  1. Log out of Tweetbot (but did not delete it)
  2. Deleted Instagram
  3. Downloaded Buffer App

1. Log Out of Tweetbot

I logged out of Tweetbot instead of deleting the app itself so I can still receive notifications of @ mentions & DM’s on my phone. I do not want to miss the interactions with friends across the world so I still needed to receive those updates. But if I open Tweetbot there is no time line available. If I get a notification I need to respond right away I open up Buffer App and respond that way. (more on Buffer below)


2. Deleted Instagram

Next step was to delete Instagram. This was hard to do because I follow some talented artist and photographers out there with great inspiration. But this was one app I needed to rid myself of due to the constant checking. So this one was simple. I held down the app icon and then hit the X. Done.

3. Downloaded Buffer

I then downloaded Buffer App and began using it as my main Twitter and Facebook status update app. Buffer allows me to still share my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. I can still share photos, articles, and resources. And I can spread these items out over time so to not be filling up others time lines. The UI is simple and pleasing to use, which is a major factor for me in using software.


So that is it. I now find myself reading more books, articles, newspapers instead of reaching for my phone to see what I missed. There are so many blog posts out there on giving this stuff up. I don’t think you have to do that, but you do have to be honest with yourself about limiting yourself to it. Don’t let it be a distraction from the more important things going on in your life. And just to be clear, I still use Tweetbot on my laptop and catch up there daily. I just do not have the draw to be looking at it on there often.

[highlight]How about you guys. Any tips or tricks you have learned about social media addictions?[/highlight]

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