Adding Value to People

Three years ago I picked up a CD set from the Catalyst 2007 event and listened to a talk that I have been processing through ever since. The talk was given by John Maxwell and is exactly 18 mins & 26 secs long of perfection in my book. I still remember driving down the highway heading to Durham, NC while on vacation in the car alone and hearing it for the first time. Maxwell based the entire talk around the idea of VALUE and laid it out in four simple but powerful points. And the one thing that Maxwell asks everyone to take away from the conversation was:

Intentionally add VALUE to people every day.

And before I get to the four points we must remember the following statement as well:

The greatest way to add value to people is to find your ‘strength zone’ and then leverage those strengths for others.

To keep it short and sweet, your ‘strength zone’ is your spiritual gift as a leader, your sweet spot. To be the most effective leader you must find out what you are good at and focus your leadership around that particular spiritual gift. Once you find out your ‘strength zone’ you can lead from a very focused position within the following four points:

Value People

Before you can add value to people, you must first value people. You CANNOT add value to people, if you do not value people. You see, it took me a long time to learn how to truly develop people in my early days of leading people because I did not actually value people. You have to love people. You have to want to see people succeed. You have to put others first.Before you continue to the next three points ask yourself one very important question:

Why do you want to be a leader?

Do you want an office? Do you want more money? Do you want control?

Make Yourself More Valuable

Next you must add value to yourself before you can add value to others. You must keep developing as a leader, keep learning, keep reading, keep listening. This may sound like a selfish point, but think of it like this. How can you lead people and give things away if you have nothing to give away. You can never start coasting as a leader. Never stop seeking wisdom and never quit reading.

Know What Others Value

You need to know and relate to what others value. As a leader you must first LISTEN and then learn. If you do things in that order you will become a great leader.  You must walk the hallways at work and peak your head in others offices. You need to follow volunteers on Twitter and interact. You see, that is how you will find out what people value. Its hard work and takes time, but is necessary to becoming a true people developing leader.

Know What God Values

If you really want to add value to people, you must know what God values. The world we live in has so many different ways of how to show value. Some are great ways and some not so much. So to truly know how to value people you must be in tuned with God and scripture to know what He values. This is the part where most business leaders would check out, but this has to be your foundation leaders.

I hope that this helps you grow in your leadership abilities. Also, I want to point out that this is for everyone who has a heartbeat and can interact with people. I believe that EVERYONE is a leader and you lead people daily whether you like it or not. If someone looks up to you or asks you for advice and models you, then you are leading them. So I pray that this is thought about with great focus and zeal. Why you may ask, because it has completely changed the way I lead my wife, volunteers, family, friends and strangers walking through a store.

So throughout today begin to ask yourself, “Am I adding or subtracting from someone today?”

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