There are two things that I love to do when I open up my laptop. One is to interact with beautiful well made websites. Websites where a lot of time was put into the typography choice and the user interface (UI). The second is when different types of content is displayed well and easy to discover related content. This time […]

I discovered one of my favorite artist who goes by the name of Propaganda a few years back. He along with his record label (Humble Beast Records) created a video you may have seen titled G.O.S.P.E.L. that introduced me to him. The reason I love listening to Prop is he writes challenging lyrical content that hits […]

Each year many begin their year with new years resolutions. Around my church we and many others across the nation start their year off discovering their “one word” for the year instead of the long list of resolutions. I partake in both due to my personality and drive in specific areas. But before I move on […]

Jimmy V’s speech is my favorite speech of all time (behind Martin Luther King) and has been challenging over the last year for me. And and it came up again the other week as I was sitting through one our services at PC3. I was taking notes on my phone and evaluating during our 9:00am service when Jimmy […]

The idea that there is “the one” out there I never believed in. And even logistically it does not even make sense. As soon as someone marries the wrong person they have messed up the entire system/idea. With that being said, I’m so thankful my incredible wife did not believe in that either. You know […]

A few weeks ago I spent seven days in Chichicastenango, Guatemala without access to internet. So 90% of the apps on my iPad & iPhone were useless, including my FIFA 14’ game, which I did not see coming. An I found myself loving that aspect of the trip. I was able to to focus on […]