The Story I Never Told | Miss You Chris

Last week I did something I have not done since my older brother Chris past away in a hospital in Bristol, TN. And that thing was talk about it with anyone in detail. Up to last week the only person I have talked to about the week was my wife Kirsten and that was limited in detail. I just don’t verbalize things out loud like, but instead keep it to myself and find personal time to reflect. But that all changed this past week as I finally opened up for the first time and it so happened to in front of a camera as well.

We finished a teaching series where we had been discussing moments when we have an encounter and how it forms and shapes us. (Encounter, Formation, Expression) We were discussing the idea of a possible story to set up our pastor to wrap up the final week. At that moment I felt like this could be the time I finally share my story and my encounter with God during that tragic week in 2009. So I threw out the idea to the team and just how my story could play into the three areas. I then took myself out of the equation/room and let them pressure test my story and decide for themeselves. The team decided they liked the idea and then took it to the next level and pitched the idea up the chain. The project was green-lit and after two interviews and a three day trip to VA the guys put together a very emotional piece.

I have watched it twice and probaly will not watch it again because it’s so personal. But I hope you take a few moments to watch it and can recall an unforgettable encounter yourself.  Then take a moment to look back on how it has formed you into who you are today.

Writing for Yourself

I returned to reading John Saddington’s blog for the first time in some time. I sort of gave up on my RSS reader in the last year and found reading most of my content from Twitter. But a few weeks back I ran across John’s blog and forgot how much I liked it. It’s currently the only site I visit daily besides ESPN & Basecamp. The reason why I like it so much is I want to think he writes for himself. I want to think if he sits down daily to share with himself what he may have wish he had known the day before, a month earlier or even years ago. And the main reason I like his site so much is he breaks I think every rule known to the blogging world.

He writes daily. That is about as far as he gets into the steps for having a great blog. The site has no ads. The site has no comment section. He sometimes posts 3-4 times a day. He doesn’t have that opening paragraph to grab your attention that will set up the 5 point dissertation to follow. The site doesn’t have a large obtrusive button so you can sign up for the email newsletter (his does product sites that have this). Ok, you get my point.

John writes. And he writes what’s on his mind. I’m guessing he holds back some, but not much. This brings me back daily. Some days I don’t read much. Some days I skim. But I keep coming back. And I come back because the way he processes is how I process in my ways as well. That is how when he writes for himself, he is writing for many others. And that is why against many statistics and odds he has a following.

I have over the years started and stopped writing to many times to remember. I love to write, but I get nervous. I tried to write for everyone, which in causes me to write for no one. I never hit the publish button. I never ship the product. I dream daily of writing down my thoughts so that they may help someone else, but I get stuck with who. So I sat down at Starbucks this evening and had the thought… What if I wrote for myself. What if I wrote down what I wish I would have known yesterday, last month or even a year ago.


Thank You For Noticing!

A few days ago I received an email from a fellow staff member. And it may be one of the best emails I have ever received. The email only took him a few minutes to write and send, but it made a world of difference for me that day. It has been a long few weeks and long hours the last two. At times you wonder if anyone even notices the 16 hour days casino online adding up. But then I get an email like this and it helps more than you may ever know.

So thank you my dear friend!

Hey Mike,

I tried to find you earlier just to say how amazing the production team is.  So many days and nights in the past couple of weeks I have seen that team working feverishly to get everything up and running for the new campuses.  For me, it was eye opening just to see how important you guys are to help make things happen around here.  You all are often literally behind the scenes and you never stand up to say “look at us”.

I just want you to know how much respect I have for you guys for what you do day in and day out to meet deadlines, produce amazing videos, change sets, help the band, and on and on…..THANK YOU!!!!!!!