Sometimes you must take on a project that is a little outside of your typical day to day job description. Sometimes you take on a project that you don’t have time during normal work hours. Sometimes you work an extra 10 hours a week to get those projects done on your day off. I’m in the middle of two projects that fit this description. The reason is I love looking for ways to create new things. And sometimes the weekly priorities of your job may not allow for much outside time to create new things.

So a few weeks ago Overflow, our college ministry at PC3 approached me about setting up a new Overflow Blog for them before they launch back on January, 13th of this year. After laying out some ideas for the one page blog I went off to knock it out. Nothing new for me here, just another WordPress blog. But then I got to thinking about their unique position. Overflow currently is at only one of our four PC3 campuses and has a specific focus group, college students. So after about 60 seconds of thinking it through (which may have been too short, oops) I called up Zach Hamby who approached me with the idea. He loved it and we moved forward.


I’m a few hours behind on the launch, but in the final stretch of still a simple website launch for our college ministry all built out of WordPress. It’s nothing new the world has not seen, but it will give the ministry something unique and it gave me a chance to create once again from scratch. And I think that is a important act creatives need to find often. Be sure you are finding opportunities to create new things with ideas you thought up. I love taking other peoples ideas and turning them into a finished product, but that is not sustainable for me. I personally need to find opportunities to write down and idea fresh from my on mind and see it shipped. hopefully will be up in the next 24 hours. Then I will move over to next!

So what about you? What ideas are you sitting on and not putting some time towards? I’ll tell you this, stop sitting around waiting for permission. That’s an excuse. Go create “it” and then show someone.