No More Top 5’s From Me

I have had this website ( for quite a few years now. I believe I launched it originally back in 2006 or 2007 as a fun learning project to learn how to use WordPress. I had started “blogging” over on Myspace after following my good buddy Duane for quite sometime. I posted quite often and had a decent following after just a few months with a lot of friendly interaction in the comments section and on Twitter. But then something happened that ruined it all and I just realized that in the last few weeks. My favorite bloggers began to turn “professional” and the blogrolls started to disappear.

And I got caught up in the whole “movement” as the posts of what everyone was learning about in their daily lives and sharing their experiences with us started to turn into the Top 5 Ways to Build Your “insert whatever here”. And for the big names and influencers this was I guess their logical next step. But what I believe happened for many was we forgot why we started putting our thoughts and experiences online to share with the world.

So over the last few years my website has changed its look and feel more times than I can even count. It once looked like a magazine with major categories and media elements. Not sure where I was going to get all that content to support the look. It then turned into a push for consulting gigs where you only found production posts showing off all the things I was proud of in hopes of getting paid. No bites. I then decided I must be better at talking processes and leading so I turned it into a “leadership” blog and redesigned it like I was a big deal with leadership quotes and all. I learned that you can use a tool like wordpress to make you look like your something you really are not.

Then I decided last week to go back to the basics and just start sharing with the world like I used to. Share emotion. Share random things. Share experiences. And get rid of all the crap where I try to market myself.

So the site here now does one main thing and that is allow me to share my random experiences with you. I’ll be breaking all the blogging rules. I will not be consistent at posting. It will not be based around a topic. Most likely no Top 5’s. But it will be rich with emotion, honesty and hopefully fun/laughter. Why those three things? Because possibly my favorite speech ever was given by the great Jim Valvano who said:

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” – Jim Valvano


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