Join a Gathering of Dream Chasers

On Aug 1 join author Ben Arment (dreamyear.net/#pitchnight) and host KC Clark (Worship Director for CHARLOTTE/ONE) for a “Dream Year Pitch Night” in Charlotte, NC on Friday, August 1st. You’ll get a copy of the new book, meet a community of dreamers in your city, and hear Ben talk about the principles of Dream Year.

You’ll also have the chance to be one of 10 people to “pitch” your dream using 20 slides that each advance every 20 seconds. (Visit pechakucha.org for examples.) These shared ideas will give everyone a chance to collaborate and share their talents, resources, and connections.

Green-Light This Event – Sponsors needed!

The Charlotte Pitch Night won’t happen until 100 tickets are secured (your credit card will not be charged until they do). And we have just a few more days to do it… the deadline is Wednesday, June 4!  We are looking for churches, companies and organizations who want to invest in their creative communities (workers, creative directors, artists, musicians, videographers, etc).  The best way to do this is by sponsoring blocks of tickets ranging from 10, 20, 50, or the remaining 54 tickets needed to Green-Light the event.  One church in Nashville bought out the event (100 tickets) on opening day for the Nashville, TN Pitch Night. I’m certain we can do it here in the Queen City.

By signing up for the event, you’ll get a copy of the hardcover book Dream Year; hear the author Ben Arment speak in person; meet a community of dream-chasers in a great venue; hear 10 people share their dreams (with a chance to be one of them); and enjoy free beverages from Coca-Cola Consolidated, a local coffee bar (Not Just Coffee) and live music from Chad Lawson Trio – all for the cost of the book (you save $11).

Visit http://picatic.com/pitchnightcharlotte for a glimpse into the heart behind this event and then register yourself for this event. If you’re interested but want more information contact KC Clark by email or phone (704) 621-8823.

Thanks for supporting the dreamers in our city!
KC Clark
Worship Leader & Curator

Why I Love Baptism Stories at PC3

We absolutely love when we have baptisms at Port City Church.  It is such a neat thing to see our church celebrate with those who have chosen to take this step of obedience in faith.  It is also such a privilege to hear each story of what God is doing in these people’s lives, and to celebrate this next step in their walks!

We are always amazed by the way God orchestrates each story differently.  For some, like Mandy, the choice to follow Jesus came early in life, and since then it has been a journey to learn how to walk with Him and share His love with others.  For others, like Chad, the choice to follow Jesus did not come until later, but even through the events of his life it is evident how God uses people to reveal Himself to others.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know people and to see how God has worked in their lives each time we celebrate a baptism.

Originally posted on blog.portcitychurch.org by Kirsten Paschal

People will rally behind you if you’re consistent. If you’re reliable. Even if it’s crazy. If they can trust you. Do something, and then hustle like crazy to make it happen.

~ Sarah Peck

Excerpt From: Todd Henry. “Die Empty.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/z-aNI.l 

Dreams without goals remain just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.

~ Denzel Washington

Dream Year Pitch Night Event

I just registered for this event that will be held August 1st of this year. Here is the gist of the great night ahead…

Join Ben Arment (@BenArment) for a “Dream Year Pitch Night” in a city near you this summer. You’ll get a copy of the book, meet a community of dreamers in your city, and hear Ben talk about the principles of Dream Year. Also, you’ll have the chance to be one of 10 attendees to “pitch” your dream using 20 slides timed to advance every 20 seconds. After you register for the event, you’ll get an email that explains how you can participate.

Lights, Camera, Night of Worship

I had the opportunity to get behind the lighting console again for the first time in quite a few months. And the event was our second Night of Worship of the year! The setlist was a ton of fun and I really got to push some of my creative juices to the max. Take an hour and watch the night here.