Raised to Life

Sin was strong

But Jesus is stronger

Our shame was great

But Jesus you’re greater

This track is on repeat right now from @elevation_wrshp for me. The bridge above says it all in four lines & has been a place for me to go to the last few days. Luckily I also have a wife who looked at me while getting ready for bed the other night and out of now where said…

Jesus is all you need. You know that right. You don’t need to find worth in your job or your talent. You don’t NEED to find favor in others. You find favor in JESUS. You know that… right?

- @kirpaschal

That was a moment I may never forget. I didn’t respond with joy. I simply shook my head and said ‘yes’. But then after she fell asleep I laid there soaking that in. And it felt good.

Guatemala Mission Trip

Through an organization based in Central America called Pray America & our home church PC3, Kirsten & I have the opportunity to help build homes for widows and their children in the mountains of Guatemala.

We will begin sharing stories and info about the upcoming trip. We will also be sharing on ways you can be involved! The short-term trip is scheduled for June 20th – 28th, 2014

Learn More

Cleveland Cavaliers Pre-Game

I discovered this video from Adam Kring (@adamkring) and thought I would share it here. The production value for this projection is one of the best I’ve seen within it’s context. If only the money and talent was used on someone like the Celtics, Knicks or Lakers. The history they could dive into would be incredible.

In my first book, The Accidental Creative, I recounted a meeting in which a friend asked a strange and unexpected question: ‘What do you think is the most valuable land in the world?’ Several people threw out guesses, such as Manhattan, the oil fields of the Middle East, and the gold mines of South Africa, before our friend indicated that we were way off track. He paused for a moment, and said, “You’re all wrong. The most valuable land in the world is the graveyard. In the graveyard are buried all of the unwritten novels, never-launched businesses, unreconciled relationships, and all of the other things that people thought, ‘I’ll get around to that tomorrow.’ One day, however, their tomorrows ran out.
- Todd Henry

Excerpt From: Todd Henry. “Die Empty.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/z-aNI.l



Start Making Something

“We all have that one friend who says, “I had the idea for eBay. If only I had acted on it, I’d be a billionaire!” That logic is pathetic and delusional. Having the idea for eBay has nothing to do with actually creating eBay. What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.”


The year 2014 is about to begin and everyone is making those dreaded New Years Resolutions. In the midst of those list many are making a list of ideas and goals to accomplish in our personal lives and at work. And I say that because I have been logging the big & small ideas running through my head while on vacation into Evernote for a few days now. And my encouragement for you and myself is that we begin to execute some of these ideas we are writing down. Not every single idea will make it into “production”, but there are some ideas YOU have written down in the last few days YOU MUST DELIVER on.

Now this post does not have a 5 step process on how to make those ideas happen. I don’t have some type of process I have discovered in the last few days while eating some good homemade cooking with my family that will be the cure for not accomplishing these ideas/goals. There are plenty of books out there you can read that may help you accomplish your ideas. Some of my favorites are: The Accidental Creative, ReWork, Die Empty, Take the StairsMaking Ideas Happen & My One Word.

But there are a few words & phrases that did come to mind when I look back on a year and see very few ideas coming to fruition:

  1. Maintaining instead of Creating
  2. Lazy
  3. Lack of Focus (messed up priorities)
  4. Crowded (too many ideas in the mix)
  5. Yes Man (saying yes to everyone else’s ideas)

That just happened to be 5 words/phrases, but I did not do that on purpose.

Now I am writing this at 1:00 AM and need to get to bed before I drive to Charlotte at 7:30 AM, read at Starbucks, then run a quick 3 miles with my wife. I tell you that because I did not want another day to go by without writing this, so I stayed up and made sure to ship 2 this post.  I want US to not let all the excuses get in our way in 2014. Pick a few ideas & MAKE THEM HAPPEN. If the idea you believe in gives you passion then do what you need to do to give it life. If the idea keeps coming to you every day drop something your doing and make room for this idea. I’m hoping to do the same myself.



  2. I gained this “saying” from Seth Godin. Click here to download the “Ship It Journal”