Video Inspiration Monday | 8.11

37 Signals Work Remotely

Read the book by 37 Signals on remote working and love this video not so much for the cinematography or storyline, but for the content itself. 

TD Canada Bank | Thanking Machines

Loved this one purely for the heart behind it. Would love to have this on in the bag of tricks for a weekend at PC3.

Every Runner Has A Reason

Inspiring. And if you are a runner it’s beyond inspiring… it’s breathtaking. The soundtrack and Ronnie Goodman’s voice puts this one in my inspiration mood board.


Video Inspiration Monday | 7.28

Publish by Day One

This video is by far my favorite promo for an app. The app just supports the stories told. #StoryIsKing


I remember watching this video about 18 months ago for the first time. I had already gotten big into Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but this video inspired me. #Hustle


This is another Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video that has the art of story telling throughout the entire thing. Ryan Lewis has become one talented producer and art director.  #HustleAgain

“HOW TO TIE A BOW TIE” by The Hill-Side

The concept and execution is flawless. They took what would be one boring instructional video and turned it into a character! #Brilliant

Carlton Draught – Beer Chase

One of my favorite commercial spots to date. The play on old 80’s movies is perfect. #ThrowBack

Any videos/short films you guys watched lately that we must know about? If so, please share with us the URL link in the comments section and let us know what inspired you?

A Buffer Experiment

A few weeks ago I spent seven days in Chichicastenango, Guatemala without access to internet. So 90% of the apps on my iPad & iPhone were useless, including my FIFA 14’ game, which I did not see coming. An I found myself loving that aspect of the trip. I was able to to focus on things much better. So when I got back I started to find what took up the most time for me having internet access 24/7. And below is what I found out.

Twitter is one of the greatest resources I have in regards to finding articles, videos, and connecting with others. My problem is I turn to Twitter and Instagram like it’s a drug or something throughout the day. I’m always pulling out my phone to see if I missed something important in the last five minutes. While in Guatemala I did not have that available to me and it felt incredible.

So after returning from Guatemala I decided to do three things:

  1. Log out of Tweetbot (but did not delete it)
  2. Deleted Instagram
  3. Downloaded Buffer App

1. Log Out of Tweetbot

I logged out of Tweetbot instead of deleting the app itself so I can still receive notifications of @ mentions & DM’s on my phone. I do not want to miss the interactions with friends across the world so I still needed to receive those updates. But if I open Tweetbot there is no time line available. If I get a notification I need to respond right away I open up Buffer App and respond that way. (more on Buffer below)


[av_hr class='short' height='50' shadow='no-shadow' position='center']

2. Deleted Instagram

Next step was to delete Instagram. This was hard to do because I follow some talented artist and photographers out there with great inspiration. But this was one app I needed to rid myself of due to the constant checking. So this one was simple. I held down the app icon and then hit the X. Done.

[av_hr class='short' height='50' shadow='no-shadow' position='center']

3. Downloaded Buffer

I then downloaded Buffer App and began using it as my main Twitter and Facebook status update app. Buffer allows me to still share my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. I can still share photos, articles, and resources. And I can spread these items out over time so to not be filling up others time lines. The UI is simple and pleasing to use, which is a major factor for me in using software.


[av_hr class='invisible' height='15' shadow='no-shadow' position='center']

So that is it. I now find myself reading more books, articles, newspapers instead of reaching for my phone to see what I missed. There are so many blog posts out there on giving this stuff up. I don’t think you have to do that, but you do have to be honest with yourself about limiting yourself to it. Don’t let it be a distraction from the more important things going on in your life. And just to be clear, I still use Tweetbot on my laptop and catch up there daily. I just do not have the draw to be looking at it on there often.

How about you guys. Any tips or tricks you have learned about social media addictions?

Getting Out of a Series Branding Dip

Let me get straight to the punch line…

the last year or so has been rough for our media department concerning series branding.

There are a number of reasons for the struggles and we have begun to correct those with greater focus/vision and hard work, but for now I will share just two with you.

Quality + Stimuli

The level of quality our series bumpers/title packages has dropped below our standards of excellence as a department. And when I say our department I am referring to the six staff members charged with branding our series and no one else. I am not speaking for anyone else on our staff, yet we have heard the quiet conversations happening from longtime artist and some attenders at our church.

“Remember that ______ video they made? I miss videos like that.”

And the funny thing is… we have started saying the same thing about our own pieces of work.

Example #1: Below is a video from a series titled “Just Read” that I feel is one of our best from idea to execution. This bumper still to this day helps me focus in on my quiet time.

Example #2: Below is a video from a series titled “HotHeads” that we lost track of time creating. Multiple ideas fell through and we ended up filming something quick a few days before the series began. The branding itself I honestly love and the music track for the actual bump below was great. The problem was as a team we know we could have done much better with the concept.

So the questions are:

  1. How did we get here?
  2. Where did we go wrong?
  3. Are we just not getting any better at what we do?

I would answer the last question by saying no because we are better telling stories now than we have ever been. We have better gear than in the past. We also have grown in our technical skills. Where I believe we have failed is summed up by Todd Henry in his book “Accidental Creative”.

“Creative work requires that we stay ahead of our work. Tomorrow’s ideas are the result of today’s intentions. When you rely on a “just-in-time” workflow, you will quickly find it difficult to do quality work—and you’ll also find yourself lacking the drive to do anything about it.”

Excerpt From: Henry, Todd. “The Accidental Creative.” iBooks.

What we have done over the last 18 months is to begin working in the “just-in-time” workflow and it has sucked out what feels like every ounce of original creativity as well passion for what we do. We know we have stuff left in the tank and love what we are apart of at PC3, but if we don’t correct the current problem the tank will dry up.

So we are now in the very beginning stages of refueling our creative tanks and re-focusing on the vision of our department. And since we are just beginning this refueling period I will not have a real tangible group of takeaways here today. Today I wanted to share honestly where we are at as a department in a relatively large and what I believe creative church. You see every church/organization/creative department can hit a dip in their lifespan. And it’s how you respond in those dips that you get to show your true chops.

So if you have the same feeling regarding your own teaching series branding or maybe your stuck on that second worship album. Maybe your small group structure was alive and well for the first five years of your church’s life, but now you are completely lost in the why. I must say to you, do not give up.

Every organization can choose their way of getting out of the dip, but here is what we are beginning with.

  1. Stimuli & Planning – the Todd Henry quote above speaks of working in the “just-in-time” workflow. We have begun restructuring everything we can to begin stimulating our creative brains daily around the office. Inspiration ideas walls are going up. Basecamp mood boards have been created. Tactical meetings have been placed on the calendar weekly. We have begun to set into place ways to stimulate our minds before they are called on.
  2. Quality – simply putting more time, energy, and a critical eye into our work before we ship it. Quality is another way we refer to as excellence around the office and excellence is different for every organization and person. For us excellence has begun to be defined as “doing your very best with what you have been given”. Below is another quote from Todd Henry that I have printed out and framed in my office.

“There is much advice on how to organize your time to conquer your tasks, but it is mostly predicated on the assumption that your goal is simply to get through the work, with little regard to the quality of that work. But this is simply not the case. As a creative, you are held to account for the quality of your work, not just the quantity.

Excerpt From: Henry, Todd. “The Accidental Creative.” iBooks.

That turned out to be much longer than I expected and I only touched the tip of the iceberg. I am stoked about the next year at PC3 and the media department. I see some incredible content coming down the pipe and into the public eye. But that feeling was not there for a while until the team got very honest with each other and we regained our focus.

Are there any times you guys have lost focus in what you were doing as a church/organization? How did you overcome it and gain that passion and drive back?

Video Inspiration Monday

Every week I check out Stephen Brewster’s weekly Monday // Graphics Design Inspiration blog posts and it inspired me to begin sharing some of the items I save in Evernote and Pocket myself. So today I start the week of sharing some short videos that have inspired me over the last week or so. And this was not on purpose, but all three videos deal with sports this week.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – “Sports Matter” Baseball

This video reminds me of how much sports meant to me as a child. Love the rawness here as the director decided to not use any professional actors.

Jordan | #RiseToTheMoment | A Decade of Moments: Melo’s Jordan Family Dinner | Feature

I love this video for a few reasons. The tracks by Beautiful Eulogy alone makes the video hot. Yet the stories being shared around the table about disappearing in your art form are great to hear. I did not see watching  a group of men talking over dinner to be so good.


Everyone has most likely seen this video already, but I wanted to share just in case you missed it.

Any videos/short films you guys watched lately that we must know about? If so, please share with us the URL link in the comments section and let us know what inspired you?