She Chose “Being the Right One”

The idea that there is “the one” out there I never believed in. And even logistically it does not even make sense. As soon as someone marries the wrong person they have messed up the entire system/idea. With that being said, I’m so thankful my incredible wife did not believe in that either. You know why I know she didn’t? Because she decided to not spend her time looking for “the one”, but instead decided to focus on scripture and worked on “being the right one”. People that is huge!

So the other night Kirsten (my wife) asked me if I was nervous or unsure when I decided I wanted to marry her. And I said quickly, nope. We discussed for a few minutes about it and I could not put my finger on why it was so easy until today. I realized she had worked so hard on focusing on Jesus and “being the right one”. I would have been an idiot to be nervous or unsure.

So to sum up this quick off the cuff post. Men and women. Boys and girls. Don’t focus on finding “the one”, but instead focus on “being the right one”. It turns the entire selfish culture of marriage on it’s head.

Video Inspiration Monday | 8.25

Covered Series Title Package

Today we launched a brand new series titled “Covered: Bagging Your Shame” and our team made a killer title package for it. I’m so proud of my team for not only an incredible execution here, but for coming up with a very creative concept after making a 180 turn from the original idea. 

What’s Next – PC3 Timeline

We have been working on this animation for a few months now and finally were able to debut it today in our What’s Next orientation. We will def. be posting a blog on how this entire video went from conception to final deliverable, but in the mean time check it out and catch up on PC3’s past to present.

Starting Point Promo – “Grow Zone”

This is Promo #2 in a 3 part series for Starting Point. You can find Promo #1 below. We are having some fun with this campaign and can’t way to the final one starring our Pastor Mike Ashcraft.

Starting Point Promo – “Is the Bible True?”

This is the 1st of the three part marketing campaign for Starting Point this fall season. Stoked how these are turning out.

Video Inspiration Monday | 8.11

37 Signals Work Remotely

Read the book by 37 Signals on remote working and love this video not so much for the cinematography or storyline, but for the content itself. 

TD Canada Bank | Thanking Machines

Loved this one purely for the heart behind it. Would love to have this on in the bag of tricks for a weekend at PC3.

Every Runner Has A Reason

Inspiring. And if you are a runner it’s beyond inspiring… it’s breathtaking. The soundtrack and Ronnie Goodman’s voice puts this one in my inspiration mood board.