The idea that there is “the one” out there I never believed in. And even logistically it does not even make sense. As soon as someone marries the wrong person they have messed up the entire system/idea. With that being said, I’m so thankful my incredible wife did not believe in that either. You know why I know she didn’t? Because she decided to not spend her time looking for “the one”, but instead decided to focus on scripture and worked on “being the right one”. People that is huge!

So the other night Kirsten (my wife) asked me if I was nervous or unsure when I decided I wanted to marry her. And I said quickly, nope. We discussed for a few minutes about it and I could not put my finger on why it was so easy until today. I realized she had worked so hard on focusing on Jesus and “being the right one”. I would have been an idiot to be nervous or unsure.

So to sum up this quick off the cuff post. Men and women. Boys and girls. Don’t focus on finding “the one”, but instead focus on “being the right one”. It turns the entire selfish culture of marriage on it’s head.

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