My Tools

I love a good new app. I really love a nice new piece of hardware. So over the years I have switched apps more times than I could count and picked up the new iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6s & now the iPhone X. I love a good UI and fresh design so switching tools and apps is quite fun for me. Though just recently I have decided to delete over 70% of the apps on my phone, I still want to share with you the items I use every week.

Web Tools

I use a self-hosted version of WordPress and currently use the WordPress default theme, Twenty FifteenAlpha,  Typology by Meks as my WordPress theme.

I use Google Apps for productivity and email, Dropbox iCloud for image backup, Google Analytics for stats, and MailChimp for newsletters.

I use Instagram & Twitter as my main social media platform and have gradually dropped all other types of social media.

Mac Apps

I use most of these apps below every single day at work:

  • Safari for browsing
  • Basecamp 3 for project management (the best in the world)
  • Evernote for keeping my notes, receipts, digital copies, etc
  • Bear for the writing/note taking
  • Day One for personal journaling
  • Spotify for all my music listening pleasures (premier)
  • Tweetbot for Twitter
  • Toggl for time tracking of all work projects & day to day routines
  • Calendar for knowing where to go next
  • Mailbox (beta) Airmail Spark for the dreaded email
  • Adobe CC with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Media Encoder, After Effects
  • Dropbox for personal & work files
  • CleanMyMac X for that squeaky clean feeling
  • Transmit via Panic for FTP/Editing
  • Slack for communication with staff/team at work (love this app… killing email one day at a time)
  • Things for remember to do things
  • Preview for image viewing & PDFs
  • Banktivity for personal finance and budgeting

iPhone Apps

I have started to delete most apps from my phone so as not to aid in my desire to always pick up my phone every 3 minutes. So below is what I have left on it and use for now:

  • myFitness Pal for counting calories
  • Whoop for tracking my Sleep, Strain and Recovery (favorite piece of tech)
  • Workouts built in app for tracking all of my workouts
  • Health Mate by Withings to sync to my Body+ scale
  • Calendar knowing where to go
  • Camera taking photos
  • YouVerison (Bible) for reading the Bible
  • Day One for my nightly journaling
  • Slack for communication with staff/team at work (love this app… killing email one day at a time)
  • Bear for the writing/note taking
  • Mailbox Airmail Spark for dreaded email (I have deleted all mail apps off my iPhone)
  • Google Maps for getting somewhere unknown
  • Overcast for listening to podcast (best podcast app to date)
  • VSCOcam for photo editing
  • Safari for browsing the inter-webs
  • Starbucks for my coffee addiction
  • Basecamp 3 for work project management
  • Audible for listening to books

Analogue Tools

Here are my physical tools of the trade: