My Tools

I love a good new app. I really love a nice new piece of hardware. So over the years I have switched apps more times than I could count and picked up the new iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6s & now the iPhone X. I love a good UI and fresh design so switching tools and apps is quite fun for me. Though just recently I have decided to delete over 70% of the apps on my phone, I still want to share with you the items I use every week.

Web Tools

I use a self-hosted version of WordPress and currently use the WordPress default theme, Twenty Fifteen Alpha  Typology by Meks as my WordPress theme.

I use Google Apps for productivity and email, Dropbox iCloud for image backup, Google Analytics for stats, and MailChimp for newsletters.

I use Twitter & Instagram as my main social media platform and have gradually dropped all other types of social media.

Mac Apps

I use most of these apps below every single day at work:

  • Safari for browsing
  • Basecamp 3 for project management (the best in the world)
  • Evernote Bear App for keeping my notes, receipts, digital copies, etc
  • Day One for personal journaling
  • Spotify for all my music listening pleasures (premier)
  • Tweetbot for Twitter
  • Toggl for time tracking of all work projects & day to day routines
  • Calendar for knowing where to go next
  • Mailbox (beta) Airmail Spark for the dreaded email
  • Adobe CC with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Media Encoder, After Effects
  • Dropbox for personal & work files
  • CleanMyMac 3 for that squeaky clean feeling
  • Transmit via Panic for FTP/Editing
  • Slack for communication with staff/team at work (love this app… killing email one day at a time)
  • Things Reminders for remember to do things
  • Preview for image viewing & PDFs
  • Banktivity for personal finance and budgeting

iPhone Apps

I have started to delete most apps from my phone so as not to aid in my desire to always pick up my phone every 3 minutes. So below is what I have left on it and use for now:

  • myFitness Pal for counting calories
  • Workouts built in app for tracking all of my workouts
  • Health Mate by Withings to sync to my Body+ scale
  • Calendar knowing where to go
  • Camera taking photos
  • YouVerison (Bible) for reading the Bible
  • Day One for my nightly journaling
  • Slack for communication with staff/team at work (love this app… killing email one day at a time)
  • Drafts to take down quick notes
  • Evernote for capture notes and other content
  • Mailbox Airmail Spark for dreaded email (I have deleted all mail apps off my iPhone)
  • Google Maps for getting somewhere unknown
  • Overcast for listening to podcast (best podcast app to date)
  • VSCOcam for photo editing
  • Safari for browsing the inter-webs
  • Starbucks for my coffee addiction
  • Basecamp 3 for work project management
  • Audible for listening to books

Analogue Tools

Here are my physical tools of the trade:


Mike Paschal

I reside in Atlanta, GA with my incredible wife (Kirsten) my little man (Noah), and my baby girl (Haven).

Currently on staff as the Video Director at Victory World Church located in Atlanta, GA.

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