I’ve seen this type of post on a lot of blogs and decided to do a quick update on “what’s in my bag”. I am actually in the middle of looking for a new office/work bag to use on a daily basis. I currently use a wonderful Swiss backpack that carries everything plus more, but is quite heavy just by itself. So I’m looking for a bag that will hold the following items plus one hardcopy book. Also this is part one of a three part series and you can now read part two, “What’s on the laptop“.

  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2.4 GHz – Light and the screen is gorgeous.
  • Apple iPhone 5 64 GB – My wife gifted me w/the 64 GB which is paying off big time with the offline Rdio library!
  • Evernote Classis Moleskin, Large Ruled – LOVE this new journal/notebook. Lays nice and flat and has a great Evernote feel and design to it. (still have not tried the smart stickers)
  • Evernote 15” Laptop Sleeve – I just got this a few days ago and love the texture and feel of this sleeve. Starting to leave my backpack at work and only using this now.
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen with Grip – 0.4 mm – Best pen in the world! This is the one area where I am a diva. I will only write with this 0.4 pen or its sister the 0.3. Must order from company in Japan though.
  • Kero Lighting Nomad Cable – Great little key chain iPhone cable for charging. I bought it from a small company who created it from a Kickstarter program.
  • Klipsch S4i In-Ear Headphones – Another piece of gear I can’t go anywhere without. The best sounding headphones I have ever listened to. I also own a pair of Image One Klipsch full size headphones not pictured here.

And other than a good book this is my main tools I use daily.

I would love to see what you may have tucked away in your backpack. Share with us below in the comments section below or on Twitter/Instagram what you may be using that we should be checking out.
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