This is part three of a three part series where I am sharing hardware & software I have found very helpful in my line of work. Part One was “What’s in the bag” which was about what I carry physically around with me for work. Part Two was “What’s on the Laptop” which was about what software I have and use on my laptop.

This post is about the software I use daily/weekly on my iPhone. I did not mention every app on the phone, but I did mention everything not in a folder or something obvious. So enough of that, here we go:


Fantastical ($2.99) – This is a great calendar app that brings the list view front and center. The list view is still in the OS calendar app, but is odd to get to. Fantastical has the simplest and slickest way to enter events. (It also syncs with Apple Reminders as well)

Toggl – This is my choice app for keeping track of my time at the office. It’s syncs with web & desktop version. (Currently there is a slight UI bug on iOS 7)

Boxie ($2.99) – This is an app that Ken Wilson introduced me too on his blog. Boxie syncs with your Dropbox account and gives a few more system options that the official Dropbox app will not do. The main feature for me is the option to view and restore old deleted files. Sometimes I need to find an old pre-service slide that had been deleted. The main reason though now is I use Boxie for my PC3 Production account and the Dropbox app for my personal account.

Mailbox – This app truly helps me clean out my inbox daily now. And when using the remind me Later function it actually helps me return emails quicker instead of them just sitting in my inbox.

Tweetbot ($2.99) – By far the BEST Twitter client out there. Their iOS 7 update was almost perfect!

BaseCamp – Each week that goes by I am using BaseCamp more and more for all work needs. It is a great and quick app that allows me to keep up with the progress of projects while communicating with ministries/clients & with our freelance contractors. ( More on BaseCamp and working with freelance contractors in a new post this week)

GroupMe – Another app Ken Wilson introduced me to while hanging out at the Newspring Myrtle Beach campus. This app is a beautiful group text messaging app. It makes texting groups of people way easier to organize and get too quicker. I currently have the following groups:

  • WSP Production Staff
  • Wilmmington Campus Production Staff
  • Media Department Staff
  • Small Group (personal)

Evernote – It’s obvious I would have it, but I still wanted to put it in the bullet list because it’s awesome! And the latest update has added so many quick features.

Rdio  (subscription) – This has replaced Spotify for me due to it’s once again beautiful UI & collection feature. The lack of having a collection bin with Spotify finally pushed me to look for something else and Rdio has met every desire minus an “offline” desktop version.

Yahoo Sports – Great sports app that I use daily to keep up with the Heat/NBA, UNCW Seahawks (alumni), NC State Wolfpack & the Panthers.

Perfect Weather – Great weather app that keeps the simple look of the original OS app but adds a few more details.

PCO – I cannot imagine doing what I do without Planning Center Online to help plan our services and more importantly schedule and communicate with our volunteers. I use this app to make changes that may come from a hallway conversation or to update a video runtime. On Sundays I use the LIVE function to keep up where all three venues are at in casino regards to one another.

Google Hangouts – Great recent update. We use this internally a lot within the Media Department.

Buffer – I just started using this app to update Twitter and Facebook on new posts from this site and to space out some of the articles I am reading.

Dropbox – Mentioned a lot above, but I use this one specifically for my personal Dropbox account.

Launch ($4.99) – I’ve been testing this app the last few weeks. I’m on the fence with it. The one feature I love is I can hit one button and open up a text message to send straight to my wife.

VSCOcam (in app add ons) – My favorite photo editing app hands down. I usually use the exact same filter as well. I guess I am a one trick pony when it comes to photos, but I love it. Tons of great features.


Find My Friends – Some think this app is creepy. And I agree if you are sharing it with random people. I share it with my family and specifically my wife. This is for safety and to see what Starbucks each other is working from. I say if you can’t share where you are with your family then you must have something your are hiding.

Casts ($3.99) – My good friend Tom Shafer told me all about his app after iOS 7 was released and he did not let me down. This is another app that the UI got me at hello. The app is packed full of features and the color shifting UI depending on the podcast album artwork is just perfect. You can also stream a video podcasts and lock the screen, something the Apple Podcast app cannot do.

Runkeeper – I use this to keep track of my runs, which I have not done well at lately. But beginning next week I begin training for a half marathon, so she will be back in business.

MyFitnessPal – My favorite app for tracking calories.

ESPN Radio – I can’t go through the NBA season without listening to “The Herd” or “First Take” in the mornings.

NBA Game Time – I use this to listen to Miami Heat games. If you are a NBA fan you should def. have this one on your phone.

Day One ($4.99) – Hands down my favorite app to journal and process in. Great iOS 7 UI update as well. I use Evernote for everything but journaling during my quiet times and one more thing…

ByWord ($4.99) – And the other thing would be writing blog post like this one. I have written this post using this app on both my iPhone & Desktop. I wrote about 50% of this post on my phone. ByWord is a very simple word processor that uses markdown and publishes straight to WordPress and Evernote.

Reeder ($4.99) – My RSS reader of choice. Tried Feedly’s app, but returned back to this one.

Flipboard – Everyone I believe has this one. Use it to keep up with different news channels and sports articles.

Starbucks – Cannot go anywhere without it. #GoldCardMember

Are there any apps you are using on your iPhone/Android that you think we would love? If so, please share with us below in the comments section below or on Twitter/Instagram what you may be using that we should be checking out.
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