This is part two of a three part series where I am sharing hardware & software I have found very helpful in my line of work. Part one was “What’s in the bag” which was about what do I carry physically around with me for work. This post is about the software I use daily on my laptop. And the third and final post will be about the software I use daily on my iPhone. So enough of that, here we go:

Rdio – I have dropped Spotify since iOS 7 was released. The Spotify UI looks way outdated for me personally so I gave Rdio a chance since Ken Wilson has been swearing by it to me. Well, it one me over with three big Pros:

  2. Collection function instead of just a bunch of playlist
  3. Setting albums for mobile sync from the desktop.

Two major Cons though are:

  1. No native desktop version (web app version only)
  2. No desktop offline mode

Calendar – I live minute by minute now with my calendar and Apple’s native app is my choice. The Mavericks update is a much nicer UI as well.

Evernote – I nerd out more about this app than any other app out there. (I will be posting a good in depth detailed post on how I use Evernote very soon). But simply put, everything goes in Evernote now. Meeting notes, sermon notes, journals, checklist, planning, equipment quotes, equipment manuals, etc. It all goes into Evernote.

BaseCamp (web only) – I run both the Media & Production departments at Port City Church with this project management web software. (I will also be posting an in depth look at how we use BaseCamp.)We are just now kicking into the next gear with BaseCamp, but we are moving toward it being where ALL communication goes during projects and ideas.

Safari – I know most geeks love Google Chrome & Firefox, but I stick to Apples native app here as well. Its great integration with the OSX & iOS systems make it worth the decision. And I have found all the extensions I need on the Safari platform as well. I do open up Chrome at times for testing sites & software.

Dropbox – If you are taking the time to read this you know what Dropbox is (except you Mom, hehe). The major place this app is in use is between all PC3 Production machines. We upload all weekend media content to Dropbox to sync between campuses and venues. Content includes all series graphics, title packages, baptism stories, title supers, pre/post services slides. We also use Dropbox for syncing Pro Presenter files across all PC3 Production machines. – This is like Dropbox but on steroids. Our entire staff have individual unlimited accounts with Box. We are beginning to back our entire design server to Box.

Photoshop – Yep. Use it daily as part of our Adobe Creative Cloud.

Tweetbot – Favorite Twitter client. Very powerful and syncs perfectly with Tweetbot on my iPhone. 

Byword – I am using Byword to write this post actually. Byword is a very simple word processor that uses markdown & a very limited UI so I can focus on writing. I absolutely love this writing program b/c it syncs via Dropbox (as well as iCloud) with the Byword iPhone app as well.

Preview – I use this daily for my default PDF reader as well as resizing images for online web graphics if I need a quick fix.

Reminders – Used for my personal simple tasks.

iChat – Used for Google Chat instead of gmail interface as well as the oldy, but a goody… AIM.

Hootsuite (web app) – Twitter/Facebook client I use for Port City Church to keep up with our social media accounts.

DayOne – Wonderful journal that I have been using all year. This is where I have begun to journal my quiet times along with prayers. At times I put in key moments with photos to look back on. Journaling is a discipline I am currently working on and the Day One app is helping make it a reality.

Self Control – This is becoming one of my favorite apps now. A free download that gives you the chance to pick specific websites to be placed on a “blacklist”. Then you choose how many minutes Self Control will block this IP addresses. This allows me to really concentrate at times where I may wonder over on Twitter or

Are there any apps you are using on your desktop that you think we would love? If so, please share with us below in the comments section below or on Twitter/Instagram what you may be using that we should be checking out.
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