We absolutely love when we have baptisms at Port City Church.  It is such a neat thing to see our church celebrate with those who have chosen to take this step of obedience in faith.  It is also such a privilege to hear each story of what God is doing in these people’s lives, and to celebrate this next step in their walks!

We are always amazed by the way God orchestrates each story differently.  For some, like Mandy, the choice to follow Jesus came early in life, and since then it has been a journey to learn how to walk with Him and share His love with others.  For others, like Chad, the choice to follow Jesus did not come until later, but even through the events of his life it is evident how God uses people to reveal Himself to others.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know people and to see how God has worked in their lives each time we celebrate a baptism.

[note]Originally posted on blog.portcitychurch.org by Kirsten Paschal[/note]

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