“It is nice of course always to be with people from time to time and that’s valuable still. But you don’t have make that a requirement I think to get some great stuff done.

– Jason Fried (37 Signals CEO)

I just finished ReWork written by Jason Fried, which is an excellent book by the way. It was so good I picked up his new book titled “Remote: Office Not Required” and watched the video above as well which started getting me to think again about remote work while working for a church. But right now instead of you watching the video above and then reading a long post, I would rather just pose a few questions instead to think about:

  • [highlight]Can we hire designers and motion artist who live out of town/state?[/highlight] We use freelance artist at times and we usually go on about how great it was doing that. Why not hire them?
  • [highlight]Why not let your staff set up shop at the local Starbucks one day week?[/highlight] I personally get the most done sitting outside a Starbucks with a casino online warm drink. My creativity seems to fly in different a atmosphere.
  • Not everyone is a morning person or an afternoon person. [highlight]So what would a second shift or night shift look like at a church?[/highlight] I mean my dad has been pulling the night shift for over 15 years for Energizer .
  • Why is it when you ask an employee the question ‘where do you go when you really have to get work done?’, they never answer their desk/office? [highlight]Then why do we insist on using the same broken model daily?[/highlight]

These are just some questions I have thought about with no real answers yet.

What about you? What are your thoughts about remote work within the church staff context?
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