1-on-1 Mentorship Program Has Launched

So it is now 2021 and last night people all over the world rang in the new year. Last year, which was only a few hours ago for many of us, was a tough one in so many ways. But… the Church rose to the occasion. And to my fellow production friends out there in the church, many of you worked harder and longer hours than you have ever before. Which is saying a whole lot. You found new creative ways to get the message of Jesus to so many in desperate need of it. And for the first time, you got the message to everyone who would hear the message for many weeks and months to come. You put on the masks and did your best to keep your distance and showed up to work. And I can’t thank you enough for doing that. After this is all over and we see a bit of normalcy coming back to our lives you will have stories to tell your kids and future production friends.

You see. Every day we live out history. The sunsets and the sunrises. And if you are blessed with that sunrise you just lived through another day in what is now history. But this year you were a vital part of not just being a part of history, but WRITING history. Many of you did not have an “Online Campus” or even a stream. But overnight that was your top priority. And overnight you figured it out. And once again I want to say thank you.

Thank you for throwing comparison out the window. Thank you for thinking of the man and his wife that used to sit on that 7th row on the right each Sunday. Thank you for making sure he could still connect with your church body and Jesus each Sunday at the same time. Thank you!

Now… we are going on 9 months into this life-altering moment and many of you have been working hard on improving your online stream. And I’ve been honored to be a voice on the other end of many questions. I still many times don’t understand why people would ask for my opinion, but I’m beyond thankful to be able to help.

A New Journey Begins

Right now it is Friday, Oct. 23rd around 8:15 AM and I’m finally able to take some time to share with you this new journey and next chapter in both my career and my family. I am sitting at an incredible co-work space (Hygge) located just west of Uptown Charlotte where the Paschals now reside.

The last seven weeks have been quite the ride as we went through the following:

  1. August 27th (Thursday) – Living in a two-bedroom apartment  with a wife, two children, and two cats while working at Victory Church in Atlanta, GA
  2. August 28th (Friday) – Sitting down for coffee  with a friend during a random trip  to Charlotte, NC that turned into an unofficial job interview out of nowhere
  3. August 31st (Monday) – Interviewing on Monday with Ellis Pro Media in my bedroom closet  … b/c did I mention the two-bedroom apartment with a wife, two children, and two cats
  4. September 8th (Tuesday) – Interview  with CEO of Ellis Pro Media
  5. September 11th (Friday) – Receive a job offer
  6. September 14th (Monday) – Officially resign at Victory Church  (this was very hard to do)
  7. September 25th (Friday) – Find a possible house to buy, FaceTime tour the house, MAKE AN OFFER!
  8. September 27th (Sunday) – House offer accepted!
  9. October 7th (Wednesday) – Drive  Kids and Boat  to my parents’ house after Noah’s last day of Pre-School
  10. October 8th (Thursday) – Drive  back to Atlanta
  11. October 9th (Friday) – Pack the apartment
  12. October 10th (Saturday) – Movers arrive to pack the truck
  13. October 11th (Sunday) – Last day working at Victory Church  and driving  to Charlotte in the U-Haul truck after saying goodbye to everyone
  14. October 11th (Sunday) – Move in with Kirsten’s parents  for three weeks while we wait on our closing date
  15. October 12th (Monday) – Meet movers at U-Haul storage unit to unpack the truck
  16. October 14th (Wednesday) – Noah and Haven attend the first day of Pre-School  at their Omie’s Pre-School!
  17. October 15th (Thursday) – Drive  to Ormond Beach, FL  with Josh B. to get ready for our big bike ride
  18. October 16th (Friday) – Ride  104.6 miles on my road back down the A1A Florida coastline!!!
  19. October 17th (Saturday) – Recovery day
  20. October 18th (Sunday) – Drive  back to CTL
  21. October 19th (Monday) – First day of work at Ellis Pro Media!!
  22. October 19th (Monday) – Decided last second to pick up a co-work membership  until we settle into our house

So as you can see, it’s been a crazy two months and more things than I could list out have happened to get us through all those events. Next up: closing on our new house on November 2nd. We’re two miles from Kirsten’s parents’ house and one hour from my parents’ house.


This brings me to this space. Not the physical space around you, but the digital space that you are probably reading on your phone right now. This space is for YOU! A place where, as the weeks and months go by, I hope to be able to add value to you through articles, podcasts, videos, and other creative methods. Most things will be FREE, but we are working on a few services coming in the first quarter of 2021 that I’m excited to share with you.

Until then, go ahead and look around. There isn’t too much just yet, but that will be changing. And if you want to get weekly updates about the articles and videos we post just click here and subscribe.


if you are still reading this and are working at a local church and have any influence on the production decisions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at (253) 470-2572 OR hit me up here to schedule a meeting: https://meetings.hubspot.com/mike-paschal. You will hear and see way more about Ellis Pro Media over on my Instagram account in regard to how we (Ellis) would love to come alongside you and your team to help reach not just your goals but your overall vision!