1-on-1 Mentorship Program Has Launched

So it is now 2021 and last night people all over the world rang in the new year. Last year, which was only a few hours ago for many of us, was a tough one in so many ways. But… the Church rose to the occasion. And to my fellow production friends out there in the church, many of you worked harder and longer hours than you have ever before. Which is saying a whole lot. You found new creative ways to get the message of Jesus to so many in desperate need of it. And for the first time, you got the message to everyone who would hear the message for many weeks and months to come. You put on the masks and did your best to keep your distance and showed up to work. And I can’t thank you enough for doing that. After this is all over and we see a bit of normalcy coming back to our lives you will have stories to tell your kids and future production friends.

You see. Every day we live out history. The sunsets and the sunrises. And if you are blessed with that sunrise you just lived through another day in what is now history. But this year you were a vital part of not just being a part of history, but WRITING history. Many of you did not have an “Online Campus” or even a stream. But overnight that was your top priority. And overnight you figured it out. And once again I want to say thank you.

Thank you for throwing comparison out the window. Thank you for thinking of the man and his wife that used to sit on that 7th row on the right each Sunday. Thank you for making sure he could still connect with your church body and Jesus each Sunday at the same time. Thank you!

Now… we are going on 9 months into this life-altering moment and many of you have been working hard on improving your online stream. And I’ve been honored to be a voice on the other end of many questions. I still many times don’t understand why people would ask for my opinion, but I’m beyond thankful to be able to help.